Destroying Your Insides From Glyphosate Rainfall

rain glyphosate

The body has an incredible ability to heal itself and filter out dangerous chemicals, including glyphosate–so this post is not a let’s-freak-out-because-everything-is-killing-us post. We think it is simply important to educate our clients on the environment we are currently living in and its effects on the body.

According to a recent study, after collecting air and rain samples in the Mississippi agricultural area, glyphosate was found in 75% off rainfall, amongst other herbicides. Glyphosate destroys the gut membrane and thereby all the body’s membrane’s causing a cascade of systemic inflammation which can contribute to any number of diseases in the body (leaky gut, digestive issues, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, etc).

In order to have proper gut function, gut health, and thereby whole body health, it is imperative to remove glyphosate from one’s consumption patterns as much as possible. By avoiding GMO’s and foods that have been sprayed, grown, or processed with pesticides, then one can use other tools to build and strengthen the gut membrane in order to create a firewall against the residues from rainfall. While rainfall samples surely will differ in different parts of the world, those living in the US should take seriously the fact that most soil in which food is being grown is contaminated with glyphosate which has weakened the soil to a point that has devastated the microorganism diversity and thereby the nutrient density–all the more reason to avoid the extra spray applications of pesticides and buy organic or buy from places that use organic practices.

Once the foundation has been laid of getting clean food (as much as possible) one can begin to use the different methods, tools, foods, and supplements to specifically strengthen the gut membrane and thereby all the membranes of the body.

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