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We have brought back one of our most popular programs, Bikini Bootcamp! Now is your chance to jump in a program to help you get healthy for summer. The sessions gradually progress to be a little tougher as you go through them. The class series is an 8 week (or more if you’d like) program that comes with all kinds of fun tools.

We have a workout schedule, meal plans, recipes, and fun perks. These sessions are led by our super mom Carrie Barga (mother of 4) and Rebecca Gibson (mother of 4)—they know about how hard it is to get in shape when you have limited time. So these sessions are efficient and built for all women with an emphasis on those postpartum bodies out there. They are safe and effective sessions!

Sign up and you will receive:

  • 8 weeks of TrainOD programming
  • 2 resistance bands (tubes)
  • 1 set of resistance band rubberbands
  • 1 TrainOD tshirt
  • Your choice of either: TrainOD leggings, TrainOD sports bra, or TrainOD shorts
  • 3 meal plans

Cost: $99.00 if you sign up before March 10, 2019, after than the cost goes up to $119.00. After payment you will receive an email for your clothes size & options. Have  a question first? Contact us!

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